This project was done in a team at SVT branding+design GROUP

• brand positioning and naming

• logo and visual identity

• retail design concept

• store communication

• web style

• door-to-door brochure

The assignment was to develop a formula for a low-threshold organic supermarket with an affordable and complete product range. By first defining the 'brand personality' of the new brand we could come up with a positioning name, which encompasses the whole concept: Superfair.


The brand idea is 'fair for everyone', with a reference to a supermarket. Honest food, honest prices, sustainable, fair trade (purchasing), fair stories (honest stories). We came up with the 'Recycle-Bar' for this concept. You can hand in everything which you no longer need, and you have a say in the processing. For example, compost processing, glass, batteries, food bank delivery point and clothing adjustment service. The local community aspect is very important in this: 'Recycle or share your stuff’. Help each other, connect and discover how great your neighbourhood is! ' The store also offers many packaging-free products for which you bring your own refillable pot, for example at the 'Muesli Bar'. To reflect the concept in the shop interior we used recycled materials.


The store communication was given a simple raw loose style to express the brand personality. The friendly, quirky and informal brand personality is communicated through the illustration style and 'tone-of-voice'. For example, the fruit and vegetable product information includes the country of origin.

We also designed a special font! The 'bio-alphabet'.

'SuperFair opens their first store in Utrecht' - YouTube