We specialize in repositioning, modernizing and activating existing brands. We ensure that brands* can grow. Without losing their already established brand awareness.

* Katja van het Bolscher did the rebranding of Kruidvat, BCC, Ranzijn and Perry in a team at SVT Branding+Design Group.

Restyling without losing brand awareness

How big a step should you take in renewing the visual identity of your brand?

How do you successfully rebrand your business without losing your customers and brand awareness?

It is often unclear whether a completely new logo and new identity is the right solution for your brand when revamping your business. Creating Brands has therefore developed a method to explore, step by step, various scenarios. We help our clients make the right decisions and choices in this process. Our design and ideas help Brand teams to create enthusiasm and communicate effectively within their organizations. People inherently don’t like change. We give you the ammunition to convince the team. 

Evolutie or revolutie

Here are some examples of our successful rebrands. We’ve revamped their outdated logos. They opted for evolution in the logo and revolution for the brand identity and entire visual identity. They took their brand to the next level!


Name Change

It can also happen that a brand undergoes a change of name through, for example, a merger or acquisition. Maintaining brand awareness, in this case, is of utmost importance and we offer an abundance of design solutions that make this possible!

In some cases, it is necessary to test the waters and see if we are on the correct course, for this, we conduct customer surveys. Conducting surveys is an unbiased approach when making important decisions.